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Most sessions and classes are on Zoom or the phone. In-person sessions are in a nature setting in Hot Springs Village Arkansas by special arrangement only. Training intensives are in Arkansas.

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Jodi Roberts
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"I'd probably be dead by now if it weren't for divine guidance, synchronicity, and Jodi Roberts. Two years ago this month I was stuck in bed sick, in severe pain, unable to sleep or eat, and given a garbage term diagnosis of incurable "autonomic disorder" by one of my MDs. Through her sound healing, Jodi helped me get out of bed and restored me to some daily quality of life, functional capacity, ability to drive (which I had not done for a year) and most importantly, returned to me the gracious gift of hope. I will be forever grateful to this amazing, gifted woman."
Alice Zimmerman July 2013

"Jodi has great character and integrity as well as the ability to bring out the best in others. She gets people on the right track and keeps them there!"
Sarah Victory - Speaker and Coach

"Jodi exemplifies the adage that 'you can only lead others to places you have been yourself.' Jodi covers quite a range as a result of her inner work, The depth and breadth of what she can bring to bear in a coaching or healing context is no doubt empowered by the deep quality and integrity she applies to walking her own path."
Don Celestino, Life Coach

Shamanic Sound
Transformation Sessions

Sound Sessions with Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Drums, Gongs and Guided Imagery (Shamanic Journey) and the medicine wheel

Inner Child work and Shadow Transformation using sacred wheels and the 4 Directions

Trauma, stress and anxiety reduction

Phone & Long-Distance Energy and Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Shamanic and Energy Intuitive Readings

Energy clearing and Reset

Past life journeys

Ancestor and Spirit work

Communications with Guides

Safety in Journeys and Ceremony

Couples and Family Sessions

I combine the modalities based on your intention and desired outcome.
Sessions are on Zoom or Phone. The Vibroacoustic Sound Sessions in person are done in Arkansas. My role as a facilitator of health is to activate and clear energy and give you the tools to be accountable for your growth and transformation. I give homework in the form of practical tools you can use at home with music tracks available to support your health.

If you want to sleep better, heal an emotional wound, reduce physical pain, or just shift your energy to a healthier level . . . you need JODI ROBERTS. A private sound healing session is great, but you can also schedule a remote healing session or listen to her CDs and get AMAZING RESULTS.
Tracy Brown

I personally experienced the profound healing effects of her sacred bowls and witnessed their benefits in others. The private healing session Ms. Roberts performed on me was incredible balance of energies which have had long lasting benefits. Ms. Roberts is a wise, delightful, engaging, intuitive master in the arts of sound healing. Her sound healing workshop provides a lift in consciousness and a deep healing influence in others. Timothy Koock

I, too, was honored by your work with me. You take us to a profoundly deep and expansive place with your bowls and your own vibration. I look forward to our next time together. Thank you for the glorious work you do in the world! Love, Rachel

If you want to get your life changes going in the motion you've envisioned, go to a Jodi event! Jodi is authentic, walks her talk, and is a never-ending source of ways to see ...Steve Daniel

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Private Sessions

Zoom or Phone Sessions, In person by special arrangement in Arkansas providing ceremonial sacred space for your transformation and growth based on the topic/issue/focus you choose to work on.

I am available for sessions by appointment only.
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Calendar Session Booking and Prepayment

These unique sessions use the modalities of Shamanic Transformation, Intuitive readings, Sacred Sound with live instruments and Vibroacoustic Frequencies, Energy and Chakra Balancing, to catalyze change. My role is to activate you into a state of growth so that you deepen your truth and expression as a sacred human being.

The sessions re-tune, de-stress and relax your body, emotions and mind. You learn new ways of viewing reality and new ways of thinking. Sessions include shamanic shadow work, inner child work, energetic and personal boundaries, safety, sacred purpose, expressing creativity, chakra work, resonance and communication with nature and guides, HeartMath practices, music.

The work helps you lower stress, strengthens your body, mind, spirit and emotional states to ground you in the present moment, breathe and make clear choices. Only from this place is growth, ascension and spiritual expansion possible.

"I was carried to a very deep place where I could really rest. My body was deep and heavy when she finished. It was a beautiful calming internal experience. It has left me with a deep longing to go back to that connection Lenna, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you Jodi. I had so much healing! It is amazing." Myriam San Antonio TX

"Thank you for the healing session. I haven't felt this good in a long time. The time I am spending on concentrating on the intentions that we set up, and on playing the bowl on the body is certainly contributing to the healing process. We'll be anxious to hear of your next concert, so keep us posted on your events.
Walk in beauty," Wilma

"My mother had her back surgery. It went well and she was up and walking in 2 days and home on the 3rd day!! She had some problems with the pain meds and anesthetic which left her foggy and unstable. So I brought my bowl and "played" over her for the first week. She also found that the only thing that relaxed her enough to sleep soundly and wake without pain was your CD! She listened to it every time she rested for the first 2 weeks. We saw the doctor this Monday and he was amazed at how fast she was healing, that she didn't need her pain pills anymore, and was up and doing minor house chores already (within 2 1/2 weeks after surgery). He said it was one of the fastest recoveries he has seen in years...and the way she is 90% pain-free. She is almost 80 years old and has healed better than most of his younger patients. I contribute much of this success to her tenacity as a strong woman and the healing power of the bowls.
Thank you for your gifts and kindness."Stacey

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