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The scheduled workshops have the dates below. There are also examples of other workshops. Bring your group and we can design sessions and workshops to meet your needs. Group sound bath events require 8 people minimum. Private group healing events are available.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath
Tuesday March 7th 6pm Full Moon

Ancient Tibetan bowls with a few gongs, crystal bowls and chimes added. The traditional sound journeys I have been offering for over 20 years. These journeys are gentle and harmonious. Mats and chairs provided. Small group. Bring an intention for yourself and/or the planet. RSVP required. Available as a Zoom broadcast or recording too.
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10-Gong Sound Journey
Sunday March 26th at 3pm

10-Gong Sound Journey! Deep immersion into the sacred sound of large gongs. Transform dissonance into harmony in a sonic shamanic journey. Mats and chairs provided. Small group. RSVP required.
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Practical Shamanism Workshop
April 1st & 2nd in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Ancient Earth Practices to Transform Modern Day Challenges
Shamanism focuses on expanding relationships, in a safe container, with Mother Earth, All Her Relations, your sacred circles, the realities of the world we live in, the unseen worlds, the ancestors, and the Universe. These practices and relationships grow through the ancient sacred geometry of medicine wheels.

This 2-day training offers hands-on, experiential deepening of your relationship with yourself, your inner children, guides and the planet on which we live in the chaos and beauty of these times.

Day 1 focuses on the shamanic tools that you learn, deepen and take home to live an expanded life, in harmony with yourself and Nature through the sacred geometry of the medicine wheel and sacred circles.

Day 2 is a day of Inner Child shamanic shadow work and transformation. You deepen your relationship in a safe, sacred way with your inner child expands your creativity, problem solving and emotional integrity and stability.

The topics covered include: Shamanic Journey, Altars, Communication with Nature, Elements, Guides, Ancestors, Spiritual Hygiene and Safety, Soul Retrieval -Inner Child Work, Psychodrama in a Shamanic Container, Medicine Wheels & Safety Spheres, Coherence and Harmony of Your Energies, Grounding, Trauma Work, Music as a Doorway to Shamanic States, Meditation and Shamanic Journey -Their differences and How They Work Together, Dimensions and Timelines, Star Clans.

Bring a frame drum if you have one. A mat to journey on and a notebook to write in. Swimming attire and towel for the creek.
$425 for the training which includes light snacks and a light lunch each day.
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Jodi Roberts is a Shamanic Sound Practitioner and Teacher. Jodi is an anthropologist with over 37 years experience in groups, classes and individual sessions specializing in mindfulness, stress-reduction and meditation. Trained in cross-cultural nature-based ceremony and healing, shamanic healing, vibroacoustic therapy, spiritual counseling, action method psychodrama, inner child work, shadow transformation, Zen meditation, Gong Healing, Tibetan sound healing and Holographic Sound Healing. She is a spiritual director and minister and has a foundation in recovery and sobriety.

Please note the work done and the sacred space are drug and alcohol free - plant medicines are not used. Music is the doorway into the theta state for health, shamanic journeys, and transformation.

Shamanic Sound Training Certification
May 6-7, 2023 Hot Springs Arkansas

A two-day certification intensive in Arkansas. Zoom check-ins. We explore the use of sound and shamanism as a modality supporting your harmony and your client harmonies. We explore the use of sound in manifesting reality, fulfilling your purpose and being of service. Please have a metal drum, crystal or Tibetan bowl or gong for practice outside of class. We cover topics such as shamanic journey, playing of various instruments in a healing session -including crystal bowls, drums, gongs and Tibetan bowls. The class includes hands on practice with these instruments. Topics Include: Safety, spirit helpers, channeling/ego, shadow and trauma, your personal health, instruments, intention, emotional release, ethics, boundaries, clearing, detachment from outcome, the highest good service oriented way of life. The training is a combination of right brain experiences and left brain cognitive learning. Sound Healing creates a balance between brain hemispheres.
$100 deposit, $425 total. Pre-registration required.
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Saturday, March 11 from 10 am to 2 pm in Hot Springs Arkansas or on Zoom

A Comprehensive Introduction to the Magical World of Crystals and How to Engage with Them Through Conscious Resonance & Sound
With Nia Durward, Crystal Resonance Therapist
And Jodi Roberts, Shamanic Sound Practitioner

Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but also helpful allies. Each mineral carries a unique frequency of light energy and is part of the total energetic field of our planet. Crystals communicate to us silently through vibrational resonance – the minerals within our physical bodies are drawn into resonance with the vibration of the crystal.

Highlights of this experiential workshop include:
*Practice in using Heart/Brain coherence in working with crystalline energy
*Exercises in using conscious resonance with your crystals
*How the elemental forces (earth, fire, water, wind, storm) can be used with crystals
*How to choose, clear, and program crystals
*How to use crystals for healing and personal transformation
*Create and program a Crystal Grid based on Sacred Geometry
*Participate in a vibrant Sound Bath designed to activate the Crystal Grid as well as our personal crystal allies and energetic human crystals

Feel free to bring a few of your favorite crystals to be activated. You can also bring 6 quartz points to be activated for use in creating crystal grids later at home.

We encourage you to attend in person for maximum vibrational attunement. However, live virtual participation will be available through Zoom. COST: $120
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Nia Durward has been a practicing Crystal Resonance Therapist for 18 years. She lives and practices in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Nia trained extensively with Naisha Ahsian, well-known author of The Book of Stones and the Crystal Ally Cards.

Hathors Sound & Crystals
June 3rd 10am-2pm
A multi-dimensional travel through the world of sound, crystals and crystal bowls with the Hathors and dolphins helping. With Nia Durward, Crystal Resonance Therapist And Jodi Roberts, Shamanic Sound Practioner Payment Link

Four Directions of Health and Your Sacred Wheel Workshop
Journey around the medicine wheel as the doorway for deep transformation. We travel through the South with Emotional health, the West for Physical health, the North for Mental health (belief systems) and the East for Spiritual health - your purpose for incarnation. The intention setting focuses on any balancing or transformation you want in all 4 directions. The live instruments played throughout the workshop break up blockages and reinforce your intentions. The overall workshop is a balancing of our personal medicine wheels and a grounding in the purpose we came here to be/do. Zoom only.

The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience(TM) program Jodi Roberts HeartMath Coach
The program is offered as a 4-week class of 10 people and a private 4-week series of sessions. These are available on Zoom only. "The HeartMath Building Personal ResilienceTM program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools to help you self-regulate your body's response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase well- being, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience." "Based on years of validated results, Doc Childre developed HeartMath. HeartMath is a system of powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools and technology to prevent, manage and reverse the effects of stress. As a result, we can meet life's inevitable challenges with poise and resiliency. Our bodies and minds are nourished for optimal health and performance. And we convert "stress lockdown" into free-flowing energy for fueling creativity, productivity and personal fulfillment."

"A change of heart changes everything."
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