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Sessions and classes are on Zoom or the phone or in person sessions in a nature setting in Hot Springs Arkansas. All sessions by appointment only. Training intensives are in Arkansas.

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Jodi Roberts
VM/Text 469-344-6484

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1018 Airport Rd Suite 106 Box 240
Hot Springs, AR 71913

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Jodi Roberts

Are you ready to live a mindful, joyful, creative life of health and inner peace, pro-actively making a difference in your world? Are you ready to cross the threshold between where you are and who you choose to be? Do you want skills and techniques to turn chaos or dissonance into harmony?

Enter a sacred, safe container of head and heart connection to be heard, to express your truth and your inner wisdom. I support your growth through spiritual coaching, HeartMath practices, mindfulness, multi-dimensional shadow exploration, voice analysis biofeedback, meditation training, spiritual direction, sound healing and shamanic practices.

Jodi is Spiritual Director and an Anthropologist trained in cross-cultural nature-based ceremony and healing, spiritual counseling, mindfulness, reiki, action method psychodrama, shadow transformation, Zen meditation and Tibetan sound healing and Holographic Sound Healing. Jodi is an intuitive musician offering music as her ministry.

Jodi is a HeartMath Certified Coach and HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator. She has 36 years experience working with individual clients, facilitating groups, women's work, and workshops in person and via the web.

She was the first sound healing/meditation specialist for the military at Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET Program in Killeen TX.

Jodi was a Whole Life Expo presenter and has been filmed by PBS of Houston conducting ceremony in Texas.

"I teach you how to deepen your communication and relationship with all beings and yourself." I am an advocate for Mother Earth teaching right relationship with all who call Earth home.

B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, December 1989.
Major: Cultural Anthropology, Minor: Sociology.

University of California at San Diego, 1973-1976

Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Background

Member of the Sound Healing Research Foundation

Member of the Society for Shamanic Practice

Member of the Sound Healers Association

Member of Spiritual Directors International

Quantaum Sound Therapy Voice Analysis Training and Certification (pending finishing the class) 2022-23

Voice Analysis Biofeedback Training and Practitioner 2022

Vibroacoustic Therapies -Sessions and Sound File Creation 2019

Gong Master Training Level One & Two with Barbara Cole 2017

NonViolent Communication Course with SoundsTrue 2017

HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator Training 2017

HeartMath Coach/Mentor Certification Program 2016

Integral Soul Journey with Terry Patten -8 month course 2015

How Sound Heals with the Evolver Learning Lab 2015

Angel Academy 4 with Matt Kahn 2015

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance & Health 2 with Sandra Ingerman 2014

Opened Star Coyote Healing Center, Plano TX 2014-2017

Gender Reconciliation International Divine Duality Workshop 2014

Tom Kenyon The Art of Seeding New Realities A Hathor Intensive 2012

SEED Institute Wisdom From the Origins Conference Albuquerque, NM 2012

Bhavana in Motion with Liz Tucker -sacred dance, sacred ceremony 2012

Birth 2012 Hub for Global Coherence 2012

Agents of Conscious Evolution Training 2012 Barbara Marx Hubbard & Shift Network

The Crow Collection of Asian Art 2011
Members Preview
Tradition Transformed: Tibetan Artists Respond
Dallas, TX

SpiritWeaves sacred dance weekend with Michael Skelton 2011

Ace 1996-2007

Rothko Chapel 2010
Sacred Sounds

Member Honoring Ceremony Houston TX

Trance Dance with Gerry Starnes and Wilbert Alix 2010

Spirituality in Pediatrics Conference 2009
The Texas Children's Hospital
Stress Relief Using Guided Imagery and Music

Summer Conference 2009

Stress Management:
From Chaos to Calm CEU Classes

Sound Healer and Meditation Teacher for the Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET program 2009. As the first sound healer she designed the sound healing and meditation protocol.

Foundations Training Class 2008
Science of Mind

Center for Spiritual Living Dallas TX

Welcoming Prayer Training 2008

Received Oneness Blessings Dallas TX 2008
Paul Carlson Oneness Blessing DFW

Sound Healing Weekend Training 2008 with Zacciah Blacburn of the Center of Light Sound Healing School

Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner Certification 2007
Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance

Contemplative Visioning: Awakening to Beauty, Truth and Goodness
with Father Thomas Keating and Richard Rohr

Sacred Sound Musician 2007 Houston, TX

Received Deeksha Boulder CO 2006

Received Deeksha Austin TX 2006

Family Constellations 2005

Hollow Bones 2003-2005

David Deida & Sofia Diaz Trainings 2003

Inner Yaga Staffing 2002

Women In Power 2002

Hollow Bones Staffing, Marketing,
Web Site 2001-2003

Warrior Monk Staffing & Administration, Logistics, Web Site and Marketing 2000-2004

Ongoing spiritual training with Red Eagle,
Lakota elder 1997-

Warrior Monk Intensive, 1999

Barbara Marciniak workshop, 1997

Warrior Monk Weekend with Bill Kauth, 1997

Ongoing Yoga Practice 1997 -

Lightweaving Training (Hawaiian Shamanism), 1997

Training with Suzanne Osborn (Australian/Aboriginal Healing), 1997

Nature-Based Healing Training with Dr. William Taegle Center for Creative Resources, Houston, 1996-1997

FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies, 1994-1996

Peak Experience 40-hour Challenge Course Training, 1995

Artist's Way with Julia Cameron, 1994

Woman Within Initiation, 1993

Action Method Training for Phoenix
Weekend Staff, 1994

Phoenix Weekend, 1993

Money & You, 1993

Flower of Life and Drunvalo Melchizedek Administrative Manager - metaphysical workshop company. 1993 - 1995

John Lee: Personal manager. 1990-1992

The Austin Men's Center: Business manager. '91 -'92

Reevaluation Counseling Training, 1993

Ropes Course Training, 1992
Experiential Team Building, 1992

Experiential Play Workshops (3) with Tom Zimmerman & Tobin Quereau, 1992

Inner Child Workshops through the Austin Men's Center, 1990-1992

Redirecting Children's Behavior, 1992

Centering Prayer Training 1992

Priority Management Time Mgmnt Seminar, 1986

Success Motivation Institute Goal Planning Course, 1986

Dale Carnegie Training, 1986

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