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Sessions on Zoom/Phone available. In-person sessions are in a nature setting in Hot Springs, Arkansas. All sessions by appointment only. Training intensives are in Arkansas.

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Jodi Roberts
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Transforming Dissonance Into Harmony

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All sessions are designed based on your focus and intentions and combine modalities of sound, shamanism, chakra energy work, intuitive readings and coaching. Most sessions are on Zoom.

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Jodi Roberts is a Shamanic Sound Transformation Practitioner & Teacher. My intention in all work is to transform dissonance into harmony

HeartMath Coach offering the Personal Resilience Program and techniques to individuals and small groups and integrated into all sessions.

She was the first sound healing/meditation specialist for the military at Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET Program in Killeen TX.

Tools to lower stress, reduce pain, handle chaos, be authentic and interact with your world beyond shadow and victim consciousness.

Jodi is an anthropologist with over 36 years experience in groups, classes and individual sessions specializing in mindfulness, stress-reduction and meditation. Trained in cross-cultural nature-based ceremony and healing, Voice analysis biofeedback, shamanic healing, vibroacoustic therapy, spiritual counseling, action method psychodrama, inner child work, shadow transformation, Zen meditation, Gong Healing, Tibetan sound healing and Holographic Sound Healing. She is a spiritual director and minister and has a foundation in recovery and sobriety.

Please note the work done and the sacred space are drug and alcohol free - plant medicines are not used.
Music is the doorway into the theta state for creating harmony within you and transformation.

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