Jodi playing a private outdoor event
Copperas Cove TX

Cornell Kinderknecht
Jodi Roberts
Cave Without a Name
Spring Equinox 2008

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Jodi Roberts
VM/Text 469-344-6484

3100 Independence Pkwy#311-117
Plano, TX 75075

Jodi & Lisa
Cave Without a Name
Thanksgiving 2007

Glenda Bell & Jodi Roberts Wimberley, TX

Paul Hubbert & Jodi Roberts
Cave Without a Name
Fall Equinox 2008
Jodi Roberts
Group Ceremonies

Sacred Music
The creative expression of the genre of sacred sound is quite expansive. The commitment to help create a better world through music is the foundation of these events. Ceremonies and concerts are performed as group sound transformation sessions, intention setting ceremonies and pure artistic expression. I play 20-40 Tibetan bowls - ancient wisdom teachers with voices of their own. Chinese and Paiste gongs and temple bells add another multi-dimensional element to the sound. Events enhanced by this type of ceremonial music include healing groups, meditation groups, weddings, birthing celebrations, funerals, land and home blessings and holiday parties.

Steve Daniel & Jodi Roberts at the
Mayborn Planetarium Killeen TX

The collaborations I co-create are with other sacred sound musicians and artists who embody the essence of being the conduit for the Divine. These creations are free-form, non-choreographed flowing of sacred sound and art. The surrendering to Spirit and the trust in my partners allows the sound to weave magic between instruments, visuals and/or words. The alchemy of sacred art is an awe inspiring experience. It is also a reminder that the sacred resides in all moments and all things. The intention of each event is to create the energy of oneness and unconditional love. Within that container transformation occurs easily.

Halloween Ceremony Dallas TX 2008

Bill Protzmann & Jodi Roberts, Skye at Night Idyllwild CA

MoveStudio Dallas 2008
Cornell Kinderknecht on Flutes
Jodi Roberts on Tibetan Bowls
Paul Hubbert on Crystal Bowls and Vocals

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