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Jodi Roberts
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3100 Independence Pkwy#311-117
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Sacred Sound CDs

"I listened to at least 10-15 singing bowl albums yesterday online and yours was the best and that's coming form a disco, house music DJ who has well over 5000-6000 records, CDs and tapes who enjoys all kinds of music apart from most pop music. Fair play to you for making beautiful music with a purpose. I plan on using it as bath music, and yoga background music."
Good (Irish) luck, Be well, Mike

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For International and Digital Orders
please go to my CD Baby Page

Deepen the Awakening $20

Jodi's newest sound healing music. This is a deep healing, body-mind-spirit activating CD designed to open and balance your energy, deepen your sacred life and activate you into full power.

Please do not drive with this CD playing.

Tracks 1-8 clear energy, open the chakras and move resistance out of your body through the singing of Tibetan bowls.

Tracks 8-10 are deepening gong tracks.

Track 11-17 play in symphony the same bowls that were sung as an awakening.

The CD offers 79 minutes of intense sound healing.

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HeartSide $15
Tibetan Bowl Meditations of Peace and Harmony

For all of you who have asked for a meditation CD-this is the one. It is designed so that each track melds into the next with total flow and peace for over an hour of relaxing, healing, de-stressing, theta brain wave music. If you want shorter meditations choose separate tracks. There is an essence of absolute stillness in the music of the Tibetan bowls after the initial temple bell ceremony with Ann Williams of Sacred Sound Harmonics.
Infused with the Oneness Blessing

Sound Clips of HeartSide
Track 1 Peace Temple
Track 2 Peace in Your Heart
Track 3 Cup of Hearts
Track 4 Angel's Cord
Track 5 Powerful Peace
Track 6 Cornell's Song
Track 7 Michael's Song
Track 8 Feminine Grace
Track 9 Masculine Essence
Track 10 HeartSide
Track 11 HeartSong for Peace

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Ziba - The Equinox Ceremony $15
Recorded in the Cave Without a Name
Re-released as a meditation CD

Cornell Kinderknecht on World Flutes
Jodi Roberts on Tibetan Bowls
Imagine walking 126 steps into a cavern deep underground.... 160 people joined Jodi and Cornell for a sacred ceremony of music celebrating beauty and joy. This live recording holds the essence of Ziba - beautiful.

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Listen to Ziba on CD Baby

"2 minutes of listening to you play, Topper was a soul traveling puppy!
It really affected him for the rest of the night.
WE Love your music!!" Kiki

Sky Side of Center $15

Steve Daniel and Jodi Roberts weave the energies of heaven and earth in their first studio recording. The CD is incredibly grounding while simultaneously enhancing cosmic journeying.The perfect musical experience of paradox!

Sounds of Silence $10
Tibetan Bowls and Timed Meditations
Track 1 Ringing in the Silence 27:30
20 minute silent meditation begun and ended with Tibetan Bowls

Track 2 Breathe the Rhythm of Silence 38:55
30 minute silent meditation begun and ended with Tibetan Bowls

The music tracks are from HeartSide and Deepen the Awakening
This CD is only available here -not on CD Baby

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Equilibrium $15
Infused with the Oneness Blessing

Jodi Roberts Tibetan Bowls
Cornell Kinderknecht World Flutes
Bill Protzmann Keyboards
Equilibrium combines keyboards in a trance beat with Tibetan bowls providing soothing undertones,and world flutes for punctuation. Each track opens an energy center of the body known as a chakra in the East, starting with the root chakra on track one and traveling up the body. The CD is perfect for dancing, movement, meditation, sound healing and energizing your body.

Listen to sound samples of the tracks:

Track 1 Connection
Track 2 Creation
Track 3 Empowerment
Track 4 Compassion
Track 5 Truth
Track 6 Insight
Track 7 Divine

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The Oneness of Two $15
The Beginning
A collaboration between
Jodi Roberts on Tibetan Bowls
and Glenda Bell on Gongs

This recording entitled Cosmic Void is a co-creation of sound healing that synergistically goes beyond the women and the instruments used.
The Beginning is a place to go to heal, a place to rediscover and embrace ones self. That "Sacred Self' place where one allows for a moment of stillness.

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Click here to listen to The Oneness of Two on CD Baby

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3100 Independence Pkwy #311-117, Plano TX 75075

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